Opportunity And Renting Equipment

I recently had the opportunity to setup some of my artwork and photography at the Rose Bowl swap meet. My friend had rented her spot to show off some of her watercolors but due to a family emergency she wasn’t able to make it Sunday and she let me use her spot! Super lucky, I know. She didn’t even want money, I got seriously hooked up.

However, I did have to figure out what I was going to do for my setup. I mean, I couldn’t just sit on the ground with all my pieces laid out around me. Well, maybe I could have actually. Haha. But I wanted a sweet setup. I wanted to look the part. (even though I’m totally green in this area and this was a new experience for me).

I asked a couple local art school buddies what to do and one of them referred me to a Burbank equipment rental company called Skye Rentals to rent an ez-up tent, table and a few chairs. I could have even got a deluxe setup with like a generator and the works but I decided I just needed the basics. It worked out really well, when I do something like this again, I’ll definitely call up the Skye Rentals team again.

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The Perfect Orange County Limo Date

My story begins in college, at the moment when I met a girl by the name of Martha. She was that girl you always dream of, but deep down inside, you think you will never get. She had beautiful dark eyes, curly hair, and lips that you could not stop looking at. She was a beauty, but she also ran track for our school and had an athletically shaped body that was nothing less than perfect. But, all of this was nothing compared to her personality. Martha was smart, kind and willing to laugh at any time. Simply by being around her, anyone felt as if they became a better person. On top of all that, she had a generous soul and all who met her could tell this immediately: somehow, it was easy to see that Martha would always place the needs of other people above herself.

And what about me? I was just a regular guy who had a couple of classes with her. She was a journalism major while I studied programming and coding as my primary focus. I always knew I wanted to write programs and become a coder, which is why I enrolled in one of my local colleges. I was from Orange County, born and bred, but I was not the stereotypical surfer-skater guy most people imagine young males from my part of the country to look like. Instead, I was an average built, average tall, somewhat nerdy guy that liked to watch science fiction TV shows and code on his computer. I did have one girlfriend from high school, but it did not last and she moved away before I enrolled in college. But there, I met Martha, and I knew that for the first time in my life, I was head over heels in love with that girl.

She was everything I ever wanted from a woman, and I knew that I had to find out if she harbored similar feelings about me. That is why I mustered all of my courage and decided to ask her on a date. After one class, I popped the question and almost died from a heart attack while I waited for the response. But, she just smiled with a gorgeous smile in the world and said yes. I was beyond myself with happiness and almost ran to my home thinking what I would do for our date. Fortunately, I immediately came to the best possible solution of hiring a limo.

limousineI remembered that my brother impressed her girlfriend by hiring a limo service and I knew that this was my only shot at finding a path to Martha’s heart. I also figured out that she probably expected that I will do something nerdy and low-key, which is why I did the complete opposite. That is why I hired an excellent OC limo service and got in front of Martha’s house at 8 PM sharp, as we agreed. I told her that our date will be a surprise and it sure was – when she saw me exiting from that limo, dressed in a full dark suit, she almost began laughing, but I knew that she was more than amazed. She entered the vehicle and we began our ride that the driver from the limo service and I planned ahead. Thanks to his great knowledge of the area and what are the best options for going on a date, we started a fantastic tour that thrilled both Martha and me.

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6 Healthy Habits to Adopt

Nowadays the concept of eating healthy and improving your diet is important more than ever. Getting fit doesn’t necessarily have to be tough, it just needs determination. By incorporating a list of healthy habits in your daily routine that you engage in throughout the day, eating healthy can become a matter of course for you. Instead of going on a diet that you can’t sustain for long, you should adopt a healthy way of life. To help you with that we have come up with a list of habits that can lead you to a lively lifestyle.

Start Juicing & Eat More Greens

If you don’t already have a juicer, then you should invest in one. Juicing fruits and vegetables is a great way of providing vegetablesyour body with the vitamins and nutrients that are essential for it. Vegetables which are high in vitamins but difficult to eat on a regular basis can also be juiced along with some fruits to give them a good taste and make them easy to drink. Another advantage of drinking fluids is that they give your digestive system a little break since they are already blended.

Cut Out Soda

Cutting out soda can significantly have positive effects on your health and waistline. Soda has a tone of sugar in it which makes you gain a lot of weight. They also make you crave sugar and end up consuming plenty of calories. Replacing soda with water can improve your health as drinking water has a tone of benefits. Another thing that you can try is drinking a glass of water before every meal so that you eat less as the water will help fill you up.

Buy Healthy Foods

We tend to eat what we have available in our house. So instead of stocking up on chips or chocolates you can simply get organic fruits and vegetables. There are plenty of recipes available on the internet of appetizing salads and healthy yet tempting snacks which will keep your mind off of junk food. Eating foods that don’t have a long ingredients list is one of the habits that you should adopt because we get the most out of food when it hasn’t been processed or cooked.

Pay Attention To Your Eating Habits

You should be aware of the ingredients of the food that goes into your body. Usually, you end up consuming processed foods that have so many artificial ingredients in them which are not good for your health. Chewing your food well is also a good way of paying attention to what you are eating. That is because we start focusing on our food, eat slowly and get to know when we are full.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Having a busy schedule in the morning before heading out for work or school can usually make you skip breakfast. But taking time out to have something little can make an enormous difference in your health. Besides people who eat breakfast are more physically active and have more energy throughout the day than the ones who skip on breakfast.


bikingExercising is not just important for people who want to get their bodies in shape. A good workout goes a long way. Not only does exercise builds up your stamina, but it also reduces stress and makes you feel fantastic. First off, you should figure out the kind of workout that works best for you. If you like to jog then, that’s what you should do instead of doing crunches at home. You should make sure that you do something enjoyable and have fun doing so that you stick to it for long.

How To Hire A Newborn Baby Photographer That Wows

Children, their emotions and development throughout the years are what child photographers specialize in capturing. They are not mere photographers but rather frequently artists with styles of their own. Employing a child photographer can be challenging, yet the advantage of how to hire a newborn baby photographer often outweighs the effort.

Benefits Galore

These specialist newborn photographers guarantee that children are captured in the most ideal disposition and against the ideal backdrop. Everything in their studios is geared towards photographing children in child appropriate settings. The requirements of children are catered to by incorporating special lighting, temperature settings and food. After all, parents don’t want a crying child on their hands amid a photography session.

Ever been to a studio for a photo session just to have your child’s disposition and tantrums ruin it? This can be a parent’s nightmare in an unfamiliar encompassing. Child photographers are completely armed to deal with such situations. Their studios and gear are setup to guarantee a photo is taken in the least conceivable time, and most importantly without aggravating the child. When you want a unique shot of your child on a tricycle or curled up in a fetal position, you can wager great cash that a child photographer can do it effectively, professionally and patiently.

Techniques and Genres

There are photographers out there who only photograph children. Utilizing different techniques, these photographers can capture the individuality of a child, the bond among siblings or the special relationship between twins.

A professional newborn photographer is usually sought after and there are several child photographers who specialize in such. A few photographers in fact don’t do anything however photographs of dozing babies wrapped in leaves, hammocks, or swaddled in woolens. Such “resting baby” photographs are increasingly popular, because almost everybody likes taking a gander at a baby dozing peacefully. Specific Locations

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The Importance Of Discipline

Recently my best friends father just got back home from an outpatient facility. Basically a year ago he had to go to the emergency room due to what was later confirmed as pneumonia. How did this come about? Bad habits, bad choices and a lack of discipline.

This guy was something over 300 pounds, smoked a pack or two of cigarettes a day, consumed the shittiest processed foods you could think of and topped it all of with if not bottles, glasses of his favorite beer and wine.

On more than one ocassion he had tried to implement some sort of new walking habit or change to his diet in hopes of dropping weight and getting healthier. Now that’s all well and good. But, if you don’t have the discipline to perform those actions for a consistent period of time, then it’s all for naught. You don’t change. You continue that same crappy habits.

Wanting to eat healthier doesn’t do you any good if you just want and don’t do.

If you don’t discipline yourself, life will discipline yourself for you.

Popular Success Habits Of Millionaires

If you want to get anywhere in life, the best way to do it is to model the successful people who have done successful things before you. A great group of people to model no matter the goal you’re striving for is millionaires because they know how to get what they want.

The simplest yet the most difficult thing and very high up on the to-do list is self improvement. Don’t believe me. Simply look at your New Year resolutions to know what I mean. We all realize we have to improve ourselves, list down priorities and then we do nothing about it. But those who do, have a very successful life. I have outlined a few traits for self development which would lead to success.

Set Goals

Life is a one way journey. Once gone, never comes back. Hence it is very important to set personal goals. Write it down and put it up where you can see it every day. For best results, paint it- where you are today & where you want to be. Bill Gates had conceptualized his goal long before Microsoft. It’s very important for people to develop themselves.

Be Positive

Positive thoughts are the best weapon to conquer self-confidence & self-respect. Both these traits are a hallmark of a strong personality. It is the personality that leaves a mark eventually. Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right!”

Be Honest

No one knows you better that yourself. The problem is, we tend to show the best of ourselves and in that process overdo it which comes back to haunt us. In order to maintain our stand, we take shelter behind some white lies knowing that it’s a poor façade put up and will crumble but we still do it. Please remember, honesty begets trust. We do come across instances of reputed car makers all over the world recalling back faulty vehicles to replace the parts which were under-performing. My question is, did this action see any downward sales? On the contrary, sales did well since this action gained peoples trust.

Nurture Relationships

Treasure & protect relationships. This is one of the most successful rituals of millionaires today. Smile has the power to enhance your personality multi-fold. Be considerate towards others; random acts of kindness helps.

Never Give Up

Every individual is who has succeeded in life, has tried one more time. Steve Jobs was kicked out of Apple before he returned to create history. Who doesn’t know about the struggles of Oprah, who was born to a housemaid and a coal-miner before she became an icon. Richard Branson was a dyslexic kid who is not the fourth richest British citizen. There are hundreds of thousands more examples of people who just wouldn’t give up despite the worst possible situations they were into. Thomas Edison famously said “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Have Patience

When things don’t go right, they don’t. It will irritate an individual to frustration & sometimes to nervous breakdown. Single & most important success ritual followed by every millionaire without any exception, is to hold patience. The best way to tackle this is to do lots of hard work, often beyond oneself. “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”.

Become Brainwashed With Success

I would routinely listen to any YouTube video I could find that was an interview of a successful person. This video below is one of my favorites. Find videos that you resonate with, that you enjoy and listen to them over and over again. Brainwash yourself to get on the path to becoming who you want to be.